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Plews Tyres

Plews Tyres MX3 FOXHILLS GP Hard Rear - 90 / 100 – 14

Plews Tyres MX3 FOXHILLS GP Hard Rear - 90 / 100 – 14

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About PLEWS TYRES Plews Tyres, a New Brand, with Racing Pedigree! Plews Tyres is named after its founder, Josh Plews. In 2014 Josh founded another off-road global tyre brand named “Gibson Tyre Technology,” selling his stake in Gibson in late 2019. Driven by his passion for off-road racing, Josh is “back in the game”, with a burning desire to “continue his journey”, to build a superior global brand that can relate to the mindset and requirements of both weekend racers, and the pro-paddock alike. In short, Plews Tyres combines years of experience in design and development, using the latest technology available today. Working alongside British PHD award winning Chemists to design each compound here in the UK, using laser scanning, and 3D printing techniques, blending the latest tech and expertise to create a tyre that can win both at your local race event, to the highest level on the world stage. Plews Tyres has entrusted GOMX365 as their Worldwide Distribution partner. GOMX365 is a global distribution off road motorcycling and racing company based in Northern Ireland, the company provides Master Distribution for such brands as, Risk Racing USA, ENJOY MFG USA, and Motoverde UK. Let’s go racing together with Plews Tyres! See you at the track. TRACTION IS EVERYTHING MX3 Foxhills GP Ultimate hard terrain tyre • Front and rear tread design left to right asymmetrically for improved contact patch with the ground. • Staggered tread design for improved handling on hard ground. • Larger surface on the tread blocks for increased comfort and feel on hard terrain. • Rear tyre features bridges to improve durability and chunking. • Blocks are cut and feature detailing to improve bite and feel with the ground. • Available in front and rear for all sizes, including road legal 21”and 18”.

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